Natural and Cultural values, settlements

Sárd Lakes

Three fishing lakes with scenic view

Hetés Friendship Park

The park was founded in 2014 on the border between Bödeháza and Zitkovci villages on a cyclable road in 2014, marking a celebration of the two neighbouring country"s ten-year anniversary of EU membership.

Wheeler’s House

The house where a wheeler used to live was originally built in the end of the 19th century.

Educational Path along the Rába, Alsószölnök

This 5,2 km educational path presents the flora and fauna of the surroundings of the river Rába.

Look-út Tower, Alsószölnök

The look-out tower with a splendid view of the river Rába and the surroundings is located on the top of the vineyards of Alsószölnök.

Light Cross, Szakonyfalu

The Light Cross was placed with the financial support of the local worshippers as part of an international catholic movemebt based on the vision of a mother in Grenoble.

Historical Folk Building, Kétvölgy

This building renovated as original has walls from harrow and clay floor with smoky kitchen and one room.

Western Point educational path, Szakonyfalu

Szakonyfalu is a single-enter village connected with only one road 6 kilometres to Szentgotthárd.

Bellfry, Kétvölgy

The spectactular open bellfry of Kétvölgy was built in 1865 and was renovated many times, reaching it's final state in 2007.

Meadow Orchids Educational Path

This 6 km long educational path presents the flora and fauna of the surroundings of Kétvölgy as well the cultural heritage and folk architecture of the settlement, in the middle of the Vend Area.

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