Wild Flower Apiary and Herbs Garden

The Wild Flower Apiary and Herbs Garden is a self-supplying family farmer business and presentational ground is based on beekeeping and natural herbs, which cna be found in the tiny settlement of the Vend Area - part of the Őrség National Park -, Orfalu.

Gyula Zsohár, potter

Pottery has been a tradition for many centuries due to the quality clay of the Őrség.

Róka Lajosné, potter

Pottery has an old tradition in the Őrség region with its quality clay.

Dobokay Horse Stables

From amateur to professional, everyone can find his sutiable horse at Péter Dobokay’s place, to take a ride to the woods of the Őrség.

Tücsöktanya Vendégház

The accomodation is located in the middle of the Vend Area, close to the Slovenian border, in the village of Kétvölgy.

Apát Hotel and Restaurant

This family-friendly accomodation is located in the westernmost part of the country in Apátistvánfalva, the heart of the Vend Area in the Őrség National Park.

Chanterelle Educational Path

The guest house awaits guests with quiet, nature- and people-friendly environment and a lot of things to discover in a real village atmosphere and with the traditional Őrség hospitality.

Hotel Lipa

The Hotel Lipa Őrség is located in the westernmost part of Hungary, in beautiful environment, in the city of Szentgotthárd.

Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference

The 148-room Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference**** accomodation is located in Szentgotthárd, the westernmost Hungarian city close to the Hungarian-Austrian-Slovenian borders, waiting it's guests with high-quality gastronomy and cozy rooms in the gates of the Őrség.

Ferencz Porta – accomodation

Ferencz Porta is located in the Őrség National Park.

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