Closing event

The closing event of the project was opened by Imre Pácsonyi, Vice President of the General Assembly of Zala County.

Firstly, Máriusz Révész, Government Commissioner for Active Hungary spoke about the Active Hungary Program in connection with tourism and cycling development, which aims to make our country one of the most livable countries within 7 years. He emphasized the importance of the program and outlined its future plans - livable, walkable cities and the pedelec program. The ideas, tasks to be implemented within the framework of the active tourism program were also presented, such as the renovation of forestry and national park tourist houses and the construction of new ones, the renovation of youth camps, the planning and construction of cycle paths, the renovation of narrow gauge railways, etc. Finally, he briefly described the planned developments in Zala county.


The event continued with a presentation by Bojan Zizek, President of the Slovenian Cycling Network, on the sustainable operation of the Iron Curtain Route.


On behalf of the project partners of Iron Curtain Cycling project, Veronika Kárpáti and Petje Rok informed the audience about the results of the project, including the establishment of a cross-border cycling destination, a more cooperative network of service providers, and the launch of new tourism products and services (service packages, bicycle rental, e-bike charging stations, open-air museum, map, mobile app, bike ride on Tenke Hill).


Following this, Imre Pácsonyi, Vice President of the General Assembly of Zala County, presented the main aspects and network elements of the cycling developments in Zala County in the next EU period (2021-2027), and spoke briefly about the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Program and its resource framework, as well.



He was followed by Tibor Polgár, Managing Director of Nyupan Nonprofit Kft., who spoke about the cycling tourism of West Transdanubia and how it can enter to the international markets.


Finally, Peter Gomboc, Director of the Ride Goricko Tourist Agency, presented the future plans and benefits of the Muravidék.


The closing conference ended with the formulation of questions and remarks.

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