Official inauguration of the new cycling route connecting Tenke-hill at Rédics (HU) and Lendava-hill (SLO)

The road - suitable also for cycling – connecting Lendvadedes, Dedeskecskés and the Slovenian Dolga Vas, that is built in the framework of Iron Curtain Cycling project between Tenke-hill at Rédics and Lendava-hill in Slovenia, has been inaugurated officially.

László Vigh Ministerial Commissioner, MP of the region told in his speech that the assignment of the borders according to the Trianon Treaty had influenced unfavourably this region as well, thus this road inauguration is a healing salve for the decision in 1920, since the connections cut will be symbolically connected again.

Imre Pácsonyi, vice-president of the general assembly of the county highlighted in his speech, that the development implemented in the framework of the project led by Zala County Government as a lead partner, has also touristic aims beside developing the transport along the border. A cross-border complex regional cycling tourism idea will be realized, with a joint destination, where the visitors can get also cultural and gastronomic experiences over and above the beauty of the landscape.  

The technical parameters of the development have been explained by Norbert Vizi, head of the project office of NIF Zrt..

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